Celebration 2022

Welcome to CELEBRATION 2022

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“We are thrilled you arrived. Come and Join us at Celebration 2022 from July 24 ~ 27 , 2022
in Louisville, Ky.
reunite with timeless friends!”

the CELEBRATION CAKE will colorize.

What is Celebration

Its the party of a life time. Well, at least a party every 3 years…..

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Food + Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. We will be having events, food, talks, food, CORE, food, and so much more…


You have questions, we got answers…

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Celebration 2022 is located at:
Flaget Center
1935 Lewiston Dr.
Louisville, KY 40216

Flaget Center Website
Driving Map, Click Here

What is Your Why?

What is your motivation to be with UME?

  • Challenge yourself at your next CORE to make it Great!
  • Make Prayer a part of your daily routine for EVERYONE
  • Make TODAY the day to write a MEQ to your Spouse