What is Celebration?

It is an event for all of United Marriage Encounter to come together and celebrate the marriages that have been shaped by this ministry!

A time for community to come together from all over the country under one roof to recharge, celebrate, love on, and party together as one big ministry

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Is Lodging Provided?

No it is up to you to make your own lodging arrangements. There are local hotels, air BNB, and camping options so it can be at the price that will work for you! For help, please click here to read more about lodging options.

What Does My Registration Cover?

It will cover:
1. All materials
2. Husband and Wife T-shirts
3. Lunches on Monday, Tuesday, And a box lunch on Wednesday.
4. It covers grab and go breakfast each day, and it will cover a special dinner on Tuesday night.

What do the T-shirts look like?

The front of the T-shirt will have the husband/wife name perspectively with their community on it.
The back will have 2022 Celebration logo on it.
The T-shirts are unisex Next Level soft cotton with a pullout tag.

What If I’m not in a Community or Active in the Ministry?

Come!! You will not regret it! If you are not plugged in or not in a community, we just want to come together and celebrate and maybe this will help you get involved or even start a new community!

Is transportation Provided to the Celebration Location?

If you are not staying on campus, you will need to provide your own transportation to the campus. You might want to share an Airbnb with other couples and carpool to the campus.